Comparison of dietary intake methods with young children.

  title={Comparison of dietary intake methods with young children.},
  author={Ronald J Iannotti and Alan E. Zuckerman and E M Blyer and Ross O'Brien and Judith Finn and D M Spillman},
  journal={Psychological reports},
  volume={74 3 Pt 1},
To select a valid method for obtaining dietary intake of preschool children, food intake of 17 children (8 in daycare programs and 9 in home care) was measured for three days. Each day, home caregivers and daycare staff were asked to recall what the child had eaten during the previous 24 hours. After the third day, the Willett Food Frequency Questionnaire was administered to assess intake during the preceding seven days, which included the three days of measured foods. There were no significant… CONTINUE READING