Comparison of cystic rheumatoid arthritis and erosive rheumatoid arthritis.

  title={Comparison of cystic rheumatoid arthritis and erosive rheumatoid arthritis.},
  author={G Lycklama{\`a} Nijeholt and Feikje M. Gubler and Rob J. P. M. Scholten and Huib J. Dinant},
  journal={The Journal of rheumatology},
  volume={23 3},
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that cystic rheumatoid arthritis (RA), characterized as subchondral cysts as the only radiographic abnormality in hands and feet for 2 years after first abnormal radiograph, is a mild subset of RA. METHODS Fifty-four patients with cystic RA were compared with 144 RA controls matched for age, sex, disease duration, and year of first visit. All patients were randomly selected from a database of 1580 patients with RA attending the clinic 1982-88. In 1994, data of… CONTINUE READING