Comparison of biomass production and total lipid content of freshwater green microalgae cultivated under various culture conditions.

  title={Comparison of biomass production and total lipid content of freshwater green microalgae cultivated under various culture conditions.},
  author={Geun Ho Gim and Jung K. Kim and Hyeon Joong Kim and Mathur Nadarajan Kathiravan and Hetong Yang and Sang-Hwa Jeong and Si W Kim},
  journal={Bioprocess and biosystems engineering},
  volume={37 2},
The growth and total lipid content of four green microalgae (Chlorella sp., Chlorella vulgaris CCAP211/11B, Botryococcus braunii FC124 and Scenedesmus obliquus R8) were investigated under different culture conditions. Among the various carbon sources tested, glucose produced the largest biomass or microalgae grown heterotrophically. It was found that 1% (w/v) glucose was actively utilized by Chlorella sp., C. vulgaris CCAP211/11B and B. braunii FC124, whereas S. obliquus R8 preferred 2% (w/v… CONTINUE READING
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