Comparison of base composition and codon usage in insect mitochondrial genomes

  title={Comparison of base composition and codon usage in insect mitochondrial genomes},
  author={Zheng Sun and Dong-Guang Wan and Robert W. Murphy and Liang Ma and Xiansheng Zhang and Da-Wei Huang},
  journal={Genes & Genomics},
Insects, the most biodiverse taxonomic group, have high AT content in their mitochondrial genomes. Although codon usage tends to be AT-rich, base composition and codon usage of mitochondrial genomes may vary among taxa. Thus, we compare base composition and codon usage patterns of 49 insect mitochondrial genomes. For protein coding genes, AT content is as high as 80% in the Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera and as low as 72% in the Orthopotera. The AT content is high at positions 1 and 3, but A… CONTINUE READING


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