Comparison of antibody response following the second dose of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine in elderly patients with late-stage chronic kidney disease

  title={Comparison of antibody response following the second dose of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine in elderly patients with late-stage chronic kidney disease},
  author={Masatoshi Matsunami and Tomo Suzuki and Junko Fukuda and Toshiki Terao and Kohei Ukai and Shinnosuke Sugihara and Takumi Toishi and Kanako Nagaoka and Mayumi Nakata and Mamiko Ohara and Jun Yashima and Hiroshi Kuji and Kosei Matsue},
  journal={Renal Replacement Therapy},
Background Currently, it is unclear whether the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD) could be an independent predictor of antibody response after administration of a COVID-19 vaccine. This study aimed to investigate the immune response to COVID-19 vaccination in patients with CKD stage G4 to G5 without renal replacement therapy and G5D using the recommended dose and schedule. Methods This retrospective single-center cohort study evaluated immunogenicity regarding antibody response after… 
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