Comparison of anorexigenic and behavioral potency of phenylethylamines.

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Comparison of Anorexigenic and Behavioral Potency of Phenylethylarnines. RAYMOND H. Cox, JR. AND ROGER P. MAICKEL 1 An Approach to the in Vito Study of Acetylcholine Turnover in Rat Salivary Glands by Radio Gas Chromatography. I. HANIN, R. I IAssARELLI AND E. COSTA 10 Effects of Pilocarpine or Arecoline Administration on Acetylcholine Levels and Serotonin Turnover ill Rat Brain. T)E: N II. HAUBRICH AND WATSON D. REID 19 Serotonin Turnover in the Intact Cat Brain. AMIRAM BARKAI, MURRAY GLUSMAN… CONTINUE READING