Comparison of affinity tags for protein purification.

  title={Comparison of affinity tags for protein purification.},
  author={Jordan J. Lichty and Joshua L. Malecki and Heather D Agnew and Daniel J. Michelson-Horowitz and Song Wei Benjamin Tan},
  journal={Protein expression and purification},
  volume={41 1},
Affinity tags are highly efficient tools for purifying proteins from crude extracts. To facilitate the selection of affinity tags for purification projects, we have compared the efficiency of eight elutable affinity tags to purify proteins from Escherichia coli, yeast, Drosophila, and HeLa extracts. Our results show that the HIS, CBP, CYD (covalent yet dissociable NorpD peptide), Strep II, FLAG, HPC (heavy chain of protein C) peptide tags, and the GST and MBP protein fusion tag systems differ… CONTINUE READING

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