Comparison of acetate-1-14C metabolism in uremic and nonuremic dogs.

  title={Comparison of acetate-1-14C metabolism in uremic and nonuremic dogs.},
  author={Warren D. Davidson and S. Joan Rorke and Luke S. S. Guo and Robert J. Morin},
  journal={The American journal of clinical nutrition},
  volume={31 10},
Acetate-1-14C was infused into six anephric uremic and six anephric nonuremic dogs during a 4-hr hemodialysis against a standard acetate containing (39.5 mM) dialysis solution. Arterial acetate (nonradioactive) levels achieved a steady state by the end of dialysis indicating that the maximum rate of acetate metabolism had not been exceeded. The mean arterial acetate level at the end of dialysis was 2.6 mM in both groups of dogs. Acetate disappearance after the cessation of dialysis followed… CONTINUE READING