Comparison of Two Screw-Retained Free Gingival Grafting Techniques.

  title={Comparison of Two Screw-Retained Free Gingival Grafting Techniques.},
  author={Bruno Seemann Vieira and Alessandra Rasquel de Oliveira and Miguel Agusto Riquelme Rodas and Luciana P Maia and P{\^a}mela Let{\'i}cia Dos Santos and Elcia Maria Varize Silveira},
  journal={The Journal of craniofacial surgery},
Free gingival graft is a predictable technique for increasing the amount of attached gingiva and root coverage; however, its use is limited for cosmetic reasons. To overcome this issue, this study sought to compare 2 free gingival graft techniques that use oral screws to attach grafts. Free gingival graft was performed on teeth 44 to 46 using the… CONTINUE READING