Comparison of TP4, TCP and XTP Part 2: Data Transfer Mechanisms

  title={Comparison of TP4, TCP and XTP Part 2: Data Transfer Mechanisms},
  author={Yves Baguette and Andr{\'e} A. S. Danthine},
  journal={European Transactions on Telecommunications},
(*) This paper results from work that was carried out within the framework of the ESPRIT II Project "OSI 95" (Project n°5341) and more recently of the RACE Project "CIO" (Project n°2060). Abstract. This paper is the second part of a comparative study of the transport mechanisms of three protocols: ISO TP4, XTP and, to a lesser extent, DARPA TCP. Whereas the first part is entirely dedicated to the connection management mechanisms, the mechanisms compared in this second part are those used during… CONTINUE READING