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Comparison of Spreadsheets with other Development Tools (limitations, solutions, workarounds and alternatives)

  title={Comparison of Spreadsheets with other Development Tools (limitations, solutions, workarounds and alternatives)},
  author={Simon Murphy},
The spreadsheet paradigm has some unique risks and challenges that are not present in more traditional development technologies. Many of the recent advances in other branches of software development have bypassed spreadsheets and spreadsheet developers. This paper compares spreadsheets and spreadsheet development to more traditional platforms such as databases and procedural languages. It also considers the fundamental danger introduced in the transition from paper spreadsheets to electronic… 
EuSpRIG 2006 Commercial Spreadsheet Review
This management summary provides an outline of a commercial spreadsheet review process to ensure remedial or enhancement work can safely be undertaken on a spreadsheet with a commercially acceptable level of risk of introducing new errors.


What we know about spreadsheet errors
Although spreadsheet programs are used for small "scratchpad" applications, they are also used to develop many large applications, and error rates are in line with those in programming and other human cognitive domains.