Comparison of Pretreatment Strategies for Conversion of Coconut Husk Fiber to Fermentable Sugars

  title={Comparison of Pretreatment Strategies for Conversion of Coconut Husk Fiber to Fermentable Sugars},
  author={T Ding and Siew Ling Hii and Lisa Gaik Ai Ong},
In the present study, coconut husk was employed as biomass feedstock for production of bioethanol, due to its abundance in Malaysia. Due to the complex structures of coconut husk, a pretreatment process is crucial in extracting fermentable sugars from the embedded cellulose matrix for subsequent ethanol fermentation process. The ground coconut husk was subjected to three different pretreatment processes inclusive of thermal, chemical, and microwave-assisted-alkaline techniques, prior to… CONTINUE READING


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