Comparison of Periodontal Parameters and Self‐Perceived Oral Symptoms Among Cigarette Smokers, Individuals Vaping Electronic Cigarettes, and Never‐Smokers

  title={Comparison of Periodontal Parameters and Self‐Perceived Oral Symptoms Among Cigarette Smokers, Individuals Vaping Electronic Cigarettes, and Never‐Smokers},
  author={F. Javed and Tariq Abduljabbar and Fahim Vohra and Hans S. Malmstrom and Irfan Rahman and Georgios E. Romanos},
  journal={Journal of Periodontology},
BACKGROUND To the authors' knowledge, there are no studies that have compared periodontal parameters and self-perceived oral symptoms (OSs) among cigarette smokers (CSs) (group 1), individuals exclusively vaping electronic cigarettes (group 2), and never-smokers (NSs) (group 3). The aim of this study is to assess periodontal parameters and self-perceived OSs among vaping individuals, CSs, and NSs. METHODS Ninety-four male participants (groups 1, 2, and 3: 33, 31, and 30 individuals… 

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Comparison of self-rated oral symptoms and periodontal status among cigarette smokers and individuals using electronic nicotine delivery systems

Pain in teeth and gums are more often perceived by cigarette smokers than electronic cigarette and JUUL users and never-smokers.

Impact of cigarette smoking and vaping on the outcome of full-mouth ultrasonic scaling among patients with gingival inflammation: a prospective study

Periodontal inflammatory parameters are worse in cigarette-smoker than individuals vaping electronic cigarettes and never-smokers following FMUS, and gingival inflammation is worse in CS compared with individuals vaping E-cigs and NS.

Evaluation of periodontal indices among non-smokers, tobacco, and e-cigarette smokers: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

Results of the present review suggest a reduced effect on periodontal tissue of e- cig smoking compared to traditional cigarettes, despite recent studies proved that e-cig smoking increases oxidative stress, inflammatory responses, change in pulmonary cellular behavior, and stimulates DNA injury.

Comparison of Peri-Implant Clinicoradiographic Parameters among Non-Smokers and Individuals Using Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems at 8 Years of Follow-up.

Dental implants can demonstrate stable clinicoradiographic status and can remain functionally stable in non-smokers and ENDS users, provided that strict home oral hygiene measures are adopted.

Proinflammatory cytokine levels and peri‐implant parameters among cigarette smokers, individuals vaping electronic cigarettes, and non‐smokers

Peri-implant health was compromised among CS than vaping individuals and non-smokers, and increased levels of proinflammatory cytokines in CS and vaping individuals may suggest greater peri-IMplant inflammatory response.

Clinical peri‐implant parameters and inflammatory cytokine profile among smokers of cigarette, e‐cigarette, and waterpipe

The effect of waterpipe smoking was of largely the same extent as that of cigarette smoking, and higher levels of inflammatory cytokines in tobacco smokers may propose increased peri-implant inflammatory process which could play a principal role in the progression of peri -implant tissue damage.

Differences in the oral hygiene status and clinical periodontal status between conventional and electric smokers

Conventional and electric smokers did not have significant differences in periodontal health including gingival bleeding and poor pocket depth, and conventional smokers had worse oral hygiene status than electric smokers.

Self-rated peri-implant oral symptoms and clinicoradiographic characteristics in Narghile-smokers, cigarette-smokers, and nonsmokers with peri-implantitis.

Tobacco-smokers present with worse peri-implant perceived OS and clinicoradiograhic parameters than nonsmokers with peri -implantitis.

Letter to the editor: RE: Comparison of periodontal parameters and self-perceived oral symptoms among cigarette smokers, individuals vaping electronic cigarettes and never-smokers: A pilot study.

The purpose of this letter is to raise methodological and statistical concerns with this study, particularly the inappropriate use of its description as a 'pilot study'.



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M Males in a Saudi Arabian community who were CSs or WPs had more MT and poorer periodontal condition than never smokers and the periodontAL condition of WPs was equally as poor as CSs.

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periodontal inflammatory conditions are comparable among smokers and never-smokers with and without type 2 diabetes mellitus, and among controls, periodontal inflammation is worse among smokers than never- Smokers.

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There was a strong association between cigarette smoking and the risk of periodontitis among older Thai adults and quitting smoking appears to be beneficial to periodontal health.

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There was a statistically significant increase in gingival inflammation when tobacco smokers switched from smoking to vaping for two weeks, and this study should provide a stepping stone to encourage further investigation of the effects of vaping on periodontal health.

Validity and limitations of self-reported periodontal health.

Questionnaires concerning oral status are valid concerning the number of remaining teeth and use of removable dentures, but are less reliable about specific periodontal variables, but can still become a valuable tool for epidemiological studies ofperiodontal health.

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Radiologic and clinical indicators of periodontal destruction were increased in individuals with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus and low SES aggravated theperiodontal condition in Individuals with T2D.

Effects of smoking severity and moderate and severe periodontitis on serum C-reactive protein levels: an age- and gender-matched retrospective cohort study

The positive effects of age, smoking severity, periodontitis and PPD, on CRP increase were significant and clinicians should warn the patients, especially the older ones, about the effects of their gingival health and smoking on their cardiovascular condition.

A Clinical Validation of Self‐Reported Periodontitis Among Participants in the Black Women’s Health Study

Prevalence of severe periodontitis was similar to other age-comparable populations, without regard for race or sex, whereas prevalence of totalperiodontitis among women of similar age and/or race was much higher.

Recent updates on electronic cigarette aerosol and inhaled nicotine effects on periodontal and pulmonary tissues.

This mini-review summarizes the recent perspectives on e-cigarettes including inhaled nicotine effects on several pathophysiological events, such as oxidative stress, DNA damage, innate host response, inflammation, cellular senescence, profibrogenic and dysregulated repair, leading to lung remodeling, oral submucous fibrosis, and periodontal diseases.