Comparison of Microwave and Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction of Kaempferol from Cassia Alata

  title={Comparison of Microwave and Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction of Kaempferol from Cassia Alata},
  author={Yi Ling Yeong and Sook Fun Pang and Sin Yee Chong and Jolius Gimbun},
  journal={International Journal of Engineering \& Technology},
The effect of auxiliary energy to the kaempferol extraction yield from Cassia alata is presented in this paper. The effect of auxiliary energy ranging from 0.045 to 20 W/ml was studied by performing extraction using ultrasonic assisted extraction (UAE), maceration (ME) and microwave assisted extraction (MAE). A ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled photodiode array (UPLC-PDA) was used for kaempferol identification and quantification. Matching of residence time and UV spectrum between… Expand

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