Comparison of Meta-Heuristics for the Planning of Meshed Power Systems

  title={Comparison of Meta-Heuristics for the Planning of Meshed Power Systems},
  author={Florian Sch{\"a}fer and Jan-Hendrik Menke and Martin Braun},
  journal={2020 6th IEEE International Energy Conference (ENERGYCon)},
The power system planning task is a combinatorial optimization problem. The objective function minimizes the economic costs subject to a set of technical and operational constraints. Meta-heuristics are often used as optimization strategies to find solutions to this problem by combining switching, line reinforcement or new line measures. Common heuristics are genetic algorithm (GA), particle swarm optimization (PSO), hill climbing (HC), iterated local search (ILS) or newer methods such as grey… 

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  • P. PraveenSaheli RayJoyashree DaslA. Bhattacharya
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    2018 Internat2018 International Conference on Computation of Power, Energy, Information and Communication (ICCPEIC)ional conference on computation of power, energy, Information and Communication (ICCPEIC)
  • 2018
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