[Comparison of IPSS and ICS male SF in the initial assessment of urinary disorders].


UNLABELLED The IPSS is considered to be the standard questionnaire for evaluation of lower urinary tract voiding disorders in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). However, the absence of questions concerning urinary incontinence can be considered to be a weakness of this tool in view of the symptom profile of these patients. The ICS male SF, which comprises a supplementary domain of urinary incontinence, was compared to the IPSS in the context of the initial assessment of men with BPH. METHODS One hundred and fifty-eight patients with voiding disorders associated with BPH completed the two questionnaires on two occasions at an interval of two weeks. RESULTS The prevalence of urinary incontinence symptoms was very low (3.7%) and these symptoms were not independent of the symptoms of the urinary frequency domain. CONCLUSION Despite the addition of a urinary incontinence domain, the ICS male SF does not provide any decisive advantage compared to the IPSS for the initial assessment of urinary disorders related to BPH.

DOI: 10.1016/j.purol.2008.03.034

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@article{Perrin2008ComparisonOI, title={[Comparison of IPSS and ICS male SF in the initial assessment of urinary disorders].}, author={Paul B Perrin and Chantal N{\'e}moz and Philippe Paparel and Alain Ruffion}, journal={Progrès en urologie : journal de l'Association française d'urologie et de la Société française d'urologie}, year={2008}, volume={18 8}, pages={519-26} }