Comparison of Gabor-Wigner Transform and SPWVD as tools of harmonic computation.

  title={Comparison of Gabor-Wigner Transform and SPWVD as tools of harmonic computation.},
  author={Mirosław Szmajda and Janusz Mroczka and B. Prusa},
  journal={Renewable energy \& power quality journal},
The measurement algorithms applied in power quality measurement systems are based on Fast Fourier Transformation. That one-dimension frequency analysis is sufficient in many cases. However, to illustrate the character of the signal in a more comprehensive manner, it is crucial to represent the investigated signal on time-frequency plane. There are a lot of time-frequency representations (TFR) for presenting measured signal. The TFR: Short-Time Fourier Transformation (STFT), Smoothed Pseudo… Expand
Pre-Processing and Classification of Cough Sounds in Noisy Environment using SVM
A 'Fourth Order Butterworth High Pass Filter (FOBHPF) is applied at the pre-processing stage followed by features extraction and classification using SVM, and performance evaluation during the simulations has carried out using Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) parameter at output of thePre- processing stage and accuracy parameter at the end of classification stage. Expand
Providing a Visual Understanding of Holography Through Phase Space Representations
This tutorial-style paper will showcase the S-method, which is both a PSR that can be calculated directly from any given signal, and that allows for a clear visual interpretation, and the power of space-frequency analysis in digital holography. Expand
A signal processing approach for the diagnosis of asthma from cough sounds
Time-frequency analysis techniques, specifically Wigner distribution in addition to wavelet transform to analyse cough signals, are used and the results are competitive to the best existing algorithms in the literature. Expand
Use of incremental decomposition and spectrogram in vibroacoustic signal analysis in knee joint disease examination
This paper presents two methods that enable indication of chosen dysfunction of knee joint: different stages of chondromalacia and osteoarthritis. The incremental decomposition of voltage in time andExpand
The power quality in low-power solar off-grid system
  • K. Górecki, M. Szmajda
  • Computer Science
  • 2014 16th International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power (ICHQP)
  • 2014
The presented methodology was based on the example of measurements carried out in the low power off-grid PV system and the selected parameters of voltage and current waveforms in the photovoltaic systems. Expand
The new descriptor in processing of vibroacoustic signal of knee joint
Three new descriptors are presented, enabling initial diagnosis in the direction of classification to the following disease classes: healthy knee, I- II- III- stage of chondromalation and osteoarthritis, and research prove significant diagnostic potential of the descriptors. Expand


Gabor Transform, Gabor-Wigner Transform and SPWVD as a time-frequency analysis of power quality
The measurement algorithms applied in power quality measurement systems are based on Fourier Transformation (FT). The discrete versions of Fourier transformation - DFT (Discrete FT) and FFT (FastExpand
Time-Frequency Analysis of Power-Quality Disturbances via the Gabor–Wigner Transform
Recently, many signal-processing techniques, such as fast Fourier transform, short-time Fourier transform, wavelet transform (WT), and wavelet packet transform (WPT), have been applied to detect,Expand
The algorithm of interpolating windowed FFT for harmonic analysis of electric power system
The fast Fourier transform (FFT) cannot be directly used in the harmonic analysis of an electric power system because of its higher errors, especially the phase error. This paper discusses theExpand
Relations Between Gabor Transforms and Fractional Fourier Transforms and Their Applications for Signal Processing
It is shown that performing the scaled inverse Fourier transform along an oblique line of the GT of f(t) can yield its FRFT, and the general form of the linear distribution that has rotation relation with the FRFT is derived. Expand
DFT algorithm analysis in low-cost power quality measurement systems based on a DSP processor
Basic analog-to-digital conversion parameters, which are defined in the norms, the time duration analysis of DFT algorithms, considering described assumptions and comparing them to FFT are presented. Expand
Adaptive digital synchronization of measuring window in low-cost DSP power quality measurement systems
The problems with the power quality encountered in cases of low voltage hospital power networks are increasingly common. It is due to the fact that there are usually a few power networks, backupExpand
The transforms and applications handbook
Signals and Systems, Alexander D. Poularikas, University of Alabama in Huntsville Fourier Transforms, Kenneth B. Howell, University of Alabama in Huntsville Sine and Cosine Transforms, Pat Yip,Expand
Szmajda, “Adaptive digital synchronization of measuring window in low-cost DSP power quality measurement systems”, 9th International Conference Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation
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Reprezentacja sygnałów niestacjonarnych typu czas-cz ęstotliwość i czas-skala” (Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Representation of Nonstationary Signals)
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