Comparison of GC-MS and FTIR methods for quantifying naphthenic acids in water samples.

  title={Comparison of GC-MS and FTIR methods for quantifying naphthenic acids in water samples.},
  author={Angela C Scott and Rozlyn F Young and Phillip M. Fedorak},
  volume={73 8},
The extraction of bitumen from the oil sands in Canada releases toxic naphthenic acids into the process-affected waters. The development of an ideal analytical method for quantifying naphthenic acids (general formula C(n)H(2n+Z)O(2)) has been impeded by the complexity of these mixtures and the challenges of differentiating naphthenic acids from other naturally-occurring organic acids. The oil sands industry standard FTIR method was compared with a newly-developed GC-MS method. Naphthenic acids… CONTINUE READING


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