Comparison of Four Provocative Tests for the Diagnosis of Gastrinoma

  title={Comparison of Four Provocative Tests for the Diagnosis of Gastrinoma},
  author={M. Romanus and J. Neal and W. G. Dilley and G. Leight and W. M. Linehan and R. Santen and J. Farndon and R. S. Jones and S. Wells},
  journal={Annals of Surgery},
In an attempt to determine the best provocative test for the diagnosis of gastrinoma, ten normal subjects, 13 patients with known gastrinoma, and one patient with presumed gastrinoma were administered four regimens: (1) rapid calcium infusion (2 mg Ca++/kg/min), (2) secretin (2 clinical units (CU)/kg/ bolus), (3) long calcium infusion (12 mg Ca++/kg/3 h) and (4) a combination test consisting of a rapid calcium infusion followed immediately by secretin. Blood was drawn for serum gastrin levels… Expand
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