Comparison of COBE white cell-reduction and standard plateletpheresis protocols in the same donors.


BACKGROUND It is necessary to protect patients from white cell (WBC)-caused side effects of platelet transfusion by reducing the WBC contamination in single-donor platelets. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS A new COBE Spectra WBC (leuko)-reduction system (LRS) was compared to the COBE standard plateletpheresis (standard) procedure. Each of 62 donors underwent plateletpheresis under the two protocols (LRS and standard). The collection efficiency and WBC contamination in the components collected using the techniques were compared. Platelets were counted in a cell counter and WBCs were counted using two full grids of a Nageotte chamber. RESULTS The preseparation and postseparation numbers for red cells, WBCs, and platelets as well as the number of collected platelets were not different in the two techniques. Collection efficiency in the LRS procedures was 96.2 +/- 13.0 percent of that in the standard procedures. Median WBC contamination in the platelet components was 10,160 per LRS procedure and 56,500 per standard procedure. The purity of the LRS components was significantly improved (p = 0.001), as seen in a comparison of the WBC numbers in components per procedure after log10 transformation (LRS: 0.096 +/- 0.195 x 10(6); standard: 0.390 +/- 1.075 x 10(6)). CONCLUSION These data suggest that the LRS procedure produces platelet concentrates with a collection efficiency that is comparable to that obtained with the standard technique and with a residual WBC content that satisfies even the most stringent criteria for filtered platelets. As this purity can be achieved without platelet loss or alteration, conventional fiber filtration no longer seems necessary or useful in this type of single-donor platelet component.

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