Comparison between small slope approximation and two scale model in bistatic configuration

  title={Comparison between small slope approximation and two scale model in bistatic configuration},
  author={Ahmad Awada and Ali Khenchaf and Arnaud Coatanhay and Mohamed Yassine Ayari},
  journal={Proceedings. 2005 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2005. IGARSS '05.},
The Small Slope Approximation (SSA) and Two Scale Model (TSM) are applied to the prediction of microwave sea scattering in bistatic configuration. The calculations were made by assuming the surface-height spectrum of Elfouhailyet al for fully developed seas. Both the coand cross-polarization cross section are calculated in several bistatic configuration. The simulations showed good agreement between SSA and TSM for Kuand C-bands. For the HH polarization, a significant difference between results… CONTINUE READING


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