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Comparison between locally produced low cost electric machine and wind generator

  title={Comparison between locally produced low cost electric machine and wind generator},
  author={Sarmad Hameed and Moez Ul Hassan and Faraz Junejo and Imran Amin},
In Pakistan there is a short fall of electricity. Currently, the total amount of energy produced in Pakistan is about 19,500 MW through various resources such as hydel power, natural gas etc. The energy produces via hydel power is much less in comparison to production of energy through Furnace oil or Natural gas. Hydel power produces only 65,00 MW, while rest of 13,000 MW is produced either using Furnace oil or Natural Gas. Furthermore, nuclear and coal resources also contribute in energy… 
Transient Stability Analysis of Grid-connected Wind Turbines with Front-end Speed Control via Information Entropy Energy Function Method
According to the characteristics like time-consuming and can not be quantitatively analyzed of time domain simulation in power system transient stability analysis, a direct method using information


Development of a novel wind turbine simulator for wind energy conversion systems using an inverter-controlled induction motor
A wind turbine simulator for wind energy conversion systems has been developed with a view to design, evaluate, and test of actual wind turbine drive trains including generators, transmissions,
Power from wind and renewables
  • J. Lyons, V. Vlatkovic
  • Engineering
    The 4th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference, 2004. IPEMC 2004.
  • 2004
Growth in wind power and renewable energy generation technologies and markets will have a major impact on development of power electronics in the near future. The paper discusses some of these
Solid State Voltage and Frequency Controller for a Stand Alone Wind Power Generating System
This paper deals with the voltage and frequency controller of a wind turbine driven isolated asynchronous generator. The proposed voltage and frequency controller consists of an insulated gate
General Model for Representing Variable-Speed Wind Turbines in Power System Dynamics Simulations
A tendency to erect ever more wind turbines can be observed in order to reduce the environmental consequences of electric power generation. As a result of this, in the near future wind turbines may
Motors as Generators for Micro-Hydro Power
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS INTRODUCTION Part 1 Advantages and disadvantages of induction generators: Advantages Disadvantages. Part 2 Induction machine construction and operation: Construction Operation
Wind Turbine Micrositing: Comparison of Finite Difference Method and Computational Fluid Dynamics
For smooth and optimal operation of wind turbines the location of wind turbines in wind farm is critical. Parameters that need to be considered for micrositing of wind turbines are topographic effect
Implementation of Load Shedding Apparatus for Energy Management in Pakistan
Uninterrupted power supply is one of the key problems faced by the citizens of Pakistan. The growing residential and commercial sector has further taken a serious toll on the economy and progress of
An integrated inverter for a single-phase single-stage grid-connected PV system based on Z-source
An integrated Z-source inverter for the single-phase single-stage grid-connected photovoltaic system is proposed in this paper. The inverter integrates three functional blocks including