Comparison between Z-plasty and V-Y Advancement for the Surgical Correction of Cryptotia


BACKGROUND Cryptotia correction by V-Y advancement of a temporal triangular flap was introduced in 2005. However, despite the several advantages of V-Y advancement, visible scars at the donor site are problematic. As a result, a Z-plasty technique was considered for skin deficiency in mild cases. Therefore, we introduce a new surgical scheme for cryptotia correction based on considerations of techniques and complications that arose in our clinic. METHODS Between 2000 and 2013, 26 patients (35 cases) of cryptotia were treated. Seventeen patients had unilateral cryptotia and nine had bilateral cryptotia. Two corrective methods were used, Z-plasty or V-Y advancement, based on the severity. In mild cases, Z-plasty was used for correction and in severe cases, V-Y flap advancement was used for more skin supplement. RESULTS Follow-up periods ranged from 6 months to 1.5 years. The results obtained were relatively favorable. Nine cases of mild deformity were corrected by Z-plasty, and the other 26 cases with mild or severe deformities were corrected by V-Y advancement. In Z-plasty cases, there was one hypertrophic scar and in V-Y advancement cases, seven resulted in visible scarring and three in skin sloughing. CONCLUSION The main advantage of Z-plasty is a lower likelihood of visible scarring at the donor site. In mild cases, Z-plasty may be a good alternative, but in severe cases, V-Y advancement is probably the best option for more skin supplement.

DOI: 10.7181/acfs.2014.15.1.7

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