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Comparison between Ultrasonic and Pulse-Radar Non-Destructive Testing Systems

  title={Comparison between Ultrasonic and Pulse-Radar Non-Destructive Testing Systems},
  author={Kouki Nagamune and Kazuhiko Taniguchi and Syoji Kobashi and Katsuya Kondo and Yutaka Hata},
-This paper describes comparison between our developed two Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) system with ultrasonic method and pulse-radar method. These systems could provide information of embedded objects in concrete structure. First, we introduce these NDT systems. The raw output images of these methods keep us from understanding them. To overcome this problem, we apply fuzzy logic into them. Next, we compare these two developed systems to show how to select appropriate method for various cases… 


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  • K. NagamuneY. HataK. Taniguchi
  • Materials Science
    WCC 2000 - ICSP 2000. 2000 5th International Conference on Signal Processing Proceedings. 16th World Computer Congress 2000
  • 2000
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