Comparison between Herbst appliances with or without miniscrew anchorage

  title={Comparison between Herbst appliances with or without miniscrew anchorage},
  author={Antonio Manni and Marco Pasini and Cozzani Mauro},
  booktitle={Dental research journal},
BACKGROUND Herbst appliance is largely used in orthodontics for the correction of Class II. The aim of this paper was to analyze dental and skeletal effects of a splints Herbst-miniscrews combined device in comparison to a mandibular splints Herbst appliance. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty Class II division 1 patients (27 males and 23 females with a mean age of 11.8 ± 1.7 years) were included in the study. Lateral headfilms of 25 patients with a mandibular resin splint and a miniscrew anchorage… CONTINUE READING

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