Comparison Among Cross, Onboard and Vicarious Calibrations for Terra/ASTER/VNIR


Comparative study on radiometric calibration methods among onboard, cross and vicarious calibration for visible to near infrared radiometers onboard satellites is conducted. The data sources of the aforementioned three calibration methods are different and independent. Therefore, it may say that the reliable Radiometric Calibration Accuracy: RCC would be the RCC which are resemble each other two of three RCCs. As experimental results, it is found that vicarious and cross calibration are reliable than onboard calibration. Also vicarious calibration based cross calibration method is proposed here. The proposed cross calibration method should be superior to the conventional cross calibration method based on band-toband data comparison. Through experiments, it is also found that the proposed cross calibration is better than the conventional cross calibration. The radiometric calibration accuracy of the conventional cross calibration method can be evaluated by using the proposed cross calibration method. Keywords—vicarious calibration; cross calibration; visible to near infrared radiometer; earth observation satellite; remote sensing; radiative transfer equation

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