Comparing the linkage maps of the close relatives Arabidopsis lyrata and A. thaliana.

  title={Comparing the linkage maps of the close relatives Arabidopsis lyrata and A. thaliana.},
  author={Helmi Kuittinen and Anita A de Haan and Claus Vogl and Sami Oikarinen and Johanna Lepp{\"a}l{\"a} and Marcus A Koch and Tom Mitchell-Olds and Charles H. Langley and O Savolainen},
  volume={168 3},
We have constructed a genetic map of Arabidopsis lyrata, a self-incompatible relative of the plant model species A. thaliana. A. lyrata is a diploid (n = 8) species that diverged from A. thaliana (n = 5) approximately 5 MYA. Mapping was conducted in a full-sib progeny of two unrelated F(1) hybrids between two European populations of A. lyrata ssp. petraea. We used the least-squares method of the Joinmap program for map construction. The gross chromosomal differences between the two species were… CONTINUE READING
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