Comparing the Adopters and Non-adopters of Online Social Networks: A UK Perspective


This paper aims to identify, explain and understand the adoption, use and diffusion of OSNs within UK’s older population. This was achieved using a quantitative online survey questionnaire. Results from a sample population of 252 participants’ revealed that age, gender, education, Internet usage history and usage frequencies are all associated with adoption rates. However, it was also learnt that Internet speed is not associated with adoption and is a factor that requires further investigations. Contributions for academia include application of an empirically tested Model of OSN Adoption (MOSN) that employed previous IS theories; DIT, MATH & DTPB. For policymakers our research recommends that age should be considered when developing and implementing novel and innovative technologies. For industry our study identifies specific factors of consideration for wider penetration of OSNs in UK’s population.

DOI: 10.1109/HICSS.2013.138

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