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Comparing Quantum Gravity Models: String Theory, Loop Quantum Gravity, and Entanglement gravity versus $SU(\infty)$-QGR

  title={Comparing Quantum Gravity Models: String Theory, Loop Quantum Gravity, and Entanglement gravity versus \$SU(\infty)\$-QGR},
  author={Houri Ziaeepour},
In a previous work [1] we proposed a new model for Quantum GRavity(QGR) and cosmology, dubbed SUp8q-QGR , because it is assumed that Hilbert spaces of the Universe and its subsystems represent SUp8q symmetry group. The classical spacetime is interpreted as the parameter space of their representations and it is demonstrated that its dimension is 3+1. Here we compare SUp8qQGR with several QGR proposals, including: string theory, background independent models such as loop quantum gravity, and… Expand


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