Comparing Nonsmooth Nonconvex Bundle Methodsin Solving


Hemivariational inequalities can be considered as a generalization of variational inequalities. Their origin is in nonsmooth mechanics of solid, especially in nonmonotone contact problems. The solution of a hemivariational inequality proves to be a substationary point of some functional, and thus can be found by the nonsmooth and nonconvex optimization methods. We consider two type of bundle methods in order to solve hemivariational inequalities numerically: proximal bundle and bundle-Newton methods. Proximal bundle method is based on rst order polyhedral approximation of the locally Lipschitz continuous objective function. To obtain better convergence rate bundle-Newton method contains also some second order information of the objective function in the form of approximate Hessian. Since the optimization problem arising in the hemivariational inequalities has a dominated quadratic part the second order method should be a good choice. The main question in the functioning of the methods is how remarkable is the advantage of the possible better convergence rate of bundle-Newton method when compared to the increased calculation demand.

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