Comparing Alternative Media in North and South: The Cases of IFIWatchnet and Indymedia in Africa

  title={Comparing Alternative Media in North and South: The Cases of IFIWatchnet and Indymedia in Africa},
  author={Fabian. Frenzel and Steffen G. B{\"o}hm and Pennie Quinton and Andr{\'e} Spicer and S. Sullivan and Z. Young},
  journal={Environment and Planning A},
  pages={1173 - 1189}
Alternative media form an important part of the global mediascape. Research on this phenomenon is, however, often drawn from studies in the ‘global North’. In this paper we discuss alternative media in the ‘global South’, by exploring two case studies of cooperation between Northern and Southern partners: IFIWatchnet in South America, and Indymedia Centre in Africa. We highlight how Northern and Southern partners differed in identity, organizational forms, and accountability. We find that… Expand
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