Comparing Agile Processes for Agent Oriented Software Engineering

  title={Comparing Agile Processes for Agent Oriented Software Engineering},
  author={Alma Mar{\'i}a G{\'o}mez-Rodr{\'i}guez and Juan Carlos Gonz{\'a}lez Moreno},
Multi-agent Systems are at the moment an important new paradigm in software development. Several methodologies have been proposed for developing systems within this approach. Besides new agile process have been proposed to be used combined with the meta-models of such methodologies. This paper studies how the use of one of those Agent Oriented methodologies following an agile process such as Scrum produces improvements in the time consumed in the development that could shorten the learning time… 

Applying an O-MaSE Compliant Process to Develop a Holonic Multiagent System for the Evaluation of Intelligent Power Distribution Systems

The paper describes the Holonic MAS architecture for the intelligent power distribution system, the challenges encountered while developing the holonic architecture, the lessons learned during the project, and demonstrates how the application of the process enhanced project development.

Testing Requirements via User and System Stories in Agent Systems

This paper presents a novel approach to testing the requirements that are specified via User and System stories in an agent system by developing a systematic approach to validating the execution traces output by the system against the specified acceptance criteria for each story.

Engineering Multi-agent Systems Anno 2025

This chapter reflects on the role and potential of MAS engineering on a selection of key facets that characterize modern software engineering practice, and highlights a number of ethical issues that the engineers of modern software-intensive systems and thus also MAS will face in the years to come.

User and System Stories: An Agile Approach for Managing Requirements in AOSE

A novel concept, System Story, is introduced that defines requirements from the perspective of the system and provides more intuitive mappings to agent concepts in the design and implementation of agent systems.



Agile PASSI: An agile process for designing agents

The Agile version of the PASSI methodology, built by exploiting all the experiences done with conventional PASSI, is supported by specific tools allowing patterns reuse and automatic production of some design documentation.

INGENIAS-SCRUM Development Process for Multi-Agent Development

The main goal of this paper is the definition of a process for agent-based development based on the Software Process Engineering Metamodel (SPEM) and applied in thedefinition of the software engineering process of INGENIAS MAS methodology following a SCRUM approach.

A technique fordefining agent-oriented engineering processes with tool support

Agile software development with Scrum

The thesis describes the importance and characteristics of agile methodologies for software development, focusing on the currently most widely used methodology - Scrum, and presents the most widely spread user stories estimation techniques.

Agent-oriented methodologies

With the growing interest in the use of agent-oriented methodologies for software development, there is a need to identify influences and commonalities as a basis for advancing the state-of-the-art

Determining When to Use an Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Paradigm

This paper describes out approach to determining criteria, as well as a technique to assist software engineers with the selection of a software engineering methodology based on those criteria.

Prometheus: a methodology for developing intelligent agents

The Prometheus methodology is presented, which has been developed over several years in collaboration with Agent Oriented Software, and is a detailed and complete methodology for developing intelligent agents which has evolved out of industrial and pedagogical experience.

Agent-Oriented Software Engineering

ATAL-99 aims to build on the experience of previous ATAL workshops by focussing on the wider issues of agents as a software engineering paradigm.

Agent-oriented software engineering

This paper sums up the approach used by the AOSE TFG which consists of studying and comparing the meta-models related to some existing methodologies in order to find commonalities, and giving a clear and basic definition for the core concepts used in multi-agent systems for relating and positioning them in a unified MAS meta-model.

Agent Oriented Software Engineering with INGENIAS

INGENIAS is the result of the experience developing MAS in different areas, such as workflow management systems, recommender systems, Robocode teams, and PC assistants.