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Compare and Contrast of Grounded Theory and KJ Method

  title={Compare and Contrast of Grounded Theory and KJ Method},
  author={Kenichiro Shimura},
The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast grounded theory and KJ (Kawakita method. Many Japanese researchers confuse the two methods, and mix them together. For example, a graduate student in education advises another member in an online forum on Internet that grounded theory approach is corresponds to KJ method (Murayama, 2001). To clarify the difference is critical for honoring the scholarship of both originators. The purpose of social or educational research is to describe… 
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Theoretical sensitivity
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  • 1978
KJ hou
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KJ hou. Tokyo: Chuokoronsha
  • KJ hou. Tokyo: Chuokoronsha
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