Comparative ultrastructure of the thiobacilli.

  title={Comparative ultrastructure of the thiobacilli.},
  author={Jessup M. Shively and Glenn L. Decker and John W. Greenawalt},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={101 2},
The ultrastructure of seven Thiobacillus species was studied. The structure of their cell envelopes is similar, if not identical, to that found in other gram-negative bacteria. Obvious differences were noted in the middle layer of the cell envelope of the seven cultures. Polyhedral inclusion bodies were apparent in four of the organisms: T. thioparus, T. neapolitanus, T. intermedius, and T. thiooxidans. Lamellar bodies, similar to those present in certain photosynthetic bacteria were found in a… CONTINUE READING

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