Comparative toxicity study of 3-aminophenol in newborn and young rats.

  title={Comparative toxicity study of 3-aminophenol in newborn and young rats.},
  author={Mutsuko Koizumi and Nobuo Nishimura and Tomonori Enami and Masao Sunaga and Hironao Horikawa and Eiichi Kamata and Ryuichi Hasegawa},
  journal={The Journal of toxicological sciences},
  volume={27 5},
Repeated dose toxicity of 3-aminophenol was examined on oral administration to newborn and young rats, and susceptibility was analyzed in terms of the no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) and the unequivocally toxic level. In the 18-day newborn rat study, starting at day 4 after birth, tremors and depression of body weight gain were observed, as well as hypertrophy of thyroid follicular epithelial cells and increases of relative liver and kidney weights at 240 mg/kg. Increase of relative… CONTINUE READING