[Comparative study of the effectiveness of inderal and anaprilin in effort angina].


A comparative assessment of antianginal effect of inderal and anaprilin in individually selected doses was made using bicycle ergometric tests, after a single administration of the drug or during a treatment course. Mean effective single doses of inderal and anaprilin were 66 and 78 mg, and daily doses, 252 and 308 mg, respectively, with no significant differences observed between the two drugs in terms of manifestation and duration of antianginal effect. The manifestation of antianginal effect of propranolol did not vary significantly in conditions of a single administration and a treatment course. Post-treatment exercise-related decrease in double product was much more sustained as compared to the antianginal effect duration, and therefore may not be used as a measure in the assessment of the duration of antianginal effect produced by beta-blockers.

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