[Comparative study of the effect of Adona on the plasma volume].


The perfusion of a physiological sodium chloride (Ringer) solution, with the addition of 200 mg/l of Adona, yields a volumetrical effect which lasts for 4 h. After 4 h, the plasma volume shows an average increase of +13%. Perfusions of a physiological NaCl-solution by itself, or of a gelatine solution do not display any volumetrical effect 4 h after the beginning of the perfusion. In the majority of surgical interventions, the surgeon may replace the solution of gelatine and of Dextran which are expansive to store and not devoid of side effects, by a physiological sodium chloride (Ringer) solution to which have been added 2 ampouls of 100 mg/l each (20 ml/l) of Adona.

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