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Comparative study of spiracular structure in some selected Blattidae (Dictyoptera)

  title={Comparative study of spiracular structure in some selected Blattidae (Dictyoptera)},
  author={Sv Chaudhari},
  journal={Journal of entomology and zoology studies},
  • S. Chaudhari
  • Published 1 September 2016
  • Biology
  • Journal of entomology and zoology studies
The differences in structure and function of tracheal system of different species of cockroaches may give some clue to the differences in the action of different insecticides in gaseous and powder form. Hence the present study on the comparative structure of spiracles and their function was undertaken in Blattella germanica (L), Periplaneta americana (L), Blatta orientalis (Stoll) and Supella longipalpa (Serv.) belonging to family Blattidae of Order Dictyoptera. All the cockroach species… 

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