Comparative study of flavonoids in experimental models of inflammation.

  title={Comparative study of flavonoids in experimental models of inflammation.},
  author={Alejandra Ester Rotelli and Teresita Guardia and Am{\'e}rico Osvaldo Ju{\'a}rez and Nadir Ernesto de la Rocha and Lilian Eugenia Pelzer},
  journal={Pharmacological research},
  volume={48 6},
The anti-inflammatory activities of flavonols (quercetin, rutin and morin) and flavanones (hesperetin and hesperidin) were investigated in animal models of acute and chronic inflammation. Rutin was only effective in the chronic process, principally in adjuvant arthritis. On neurogenic inflammation induced by xylene, only the flavanones were effective; besides, these compounds were the most effective on subchronic process. The most important compound in reducing paw oedema induced by carrageenan… CONTINUE READING
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