Comparative studies on the glycoprotein composition of mammalian platelets.

  title={Comparative studies on the glycoprotein composition of mammalian platelets.},
  author={Paquita Nurden and P D Butcher and C. M. Hawkey},
  journal={Comparative biochemistry and physiology. B, Comparative biochemistry},
  volume={56 4},
1. The membrane glycoprotein composition of the blood platelets of 13 mammalian species has been compared by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. 2. A basic pattern of 2-3 predominant high molecular weight glycoprotein bands was observed, however species differences in their relative rates of migration and abundance were apparent. 3. Wide species differences in the number and rate of migration of the acidic glycopeptides released by trypsin digestion of washed platelet suspensions were… CONTINUE READING


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