Comparative studies on the amino acid derivatives of indometacin.


A series of amino acid derivatives of indometacin (IND) was investigated in regard to their protein binding and prostaglandin synthetase inhibition in vitro, and to acute toxicity, anti-inflammatory, antiedemic, analgesic actions, and the influence on the central nervous system in vivo. In biochemical tests the compounds were several times less potent than IND. They differed among themselves in the respect of toxicity, which was always much lower than that of IND. Out of eight compounds investigated N-IND-glycine (K1) and N-IND-epsilon-aminocaproic acid (K5) exerted more favorable antiedemic and analgesic action than IND did. Both the derivatives only weakly inhibited the cotton-pellet granuloma formation. K1 acted similarly to IND in the arthritis test. K1, K5 and IND similarly irritated the gastric mucosa. A modification of IND structure by introduction of glycine or epsilon-aminocaproic acid resulted in two new anti-inflammatory agents of more favorable therapeutic index in the antiedemic and analgesic action and of much lower toxicity than the reference compound.

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