Comparative reprotoxicity of three oximes.


One-generation reproductive toxicity studies have been conducted on the following three oximes: acetaldehyde oxime (AAO), aldecarb oxime (ADO), and methyl isobutyl ketoxime (MIBKO). The studies followed the OECD 415 guideline (One-Generation Reproduction Toxicity Study), with a few modifications. Rats were exposed to the test material for 10 weeks prior to… (More)
DOI: 10.1080/01480540903154187


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@article{Rusch2009ComparativeRO, title={Comparative reprotoxicity of three oximes.}, author={George M Rusch and Ann Tveit and Ine D. H. Waalkens-Berendsen and Andr{\'e} P. M. Wolterbeek and Gillian Armour}, journal={Drug and chemical toxicology}, year={2009}, volume={32 4}, pages={381-94} }