Comparative proteomic analysis of Rhodosporidium toruloides during lipid accumulation.

  title={Comparative proteomic analysis of Rhodosporidium toruloides during lipid accumulation.},
  author={Hongwei Liu and Xin Zhao and Fangjun Wang and Yonghong Li and Xining Jiang and Mingliang Ye and Zongbao K Zhao and Hanfa Zou},
  volume={26 10},
Intracellular lipid accumulation is a common biological process for some eukaryotic microorganisms under specific growth conditions, yet study on this phenomenon at an '-omics' level remains rare. In this study we induced lipid accumulation by the oleaginous yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides by transferring cells into a nitrogen-limited medium and performed a comparative and semi-quantitative proteomic analysis of cell samples obtained thereafter by a 2D-LC-MS/MS approach. A total of 184 proteins… CONTINUE READING

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