Comparative protein structure modeling using MODELLER.

  title={Comparative protein structure modeling using MODELLER.},
  author={Narayanan Eswar and Ben Webb and Marc A. Mart{\'i}-Renom and M S Madhusudhan and David Eramian and Min-Yi Shen and Ursula Pieper and Andrej Sali},
  journal={Current protocols in protein science},
  volume={Chapter 2},
  pages={Unit 2.9}
Functional characterization of a protein sequence is a common goal in biology, and is usually facilitated by having an accurate three-dimensional (3-D) structure of the studied protein. In the absence of an experimentally determined structure, comparative or homology modeling can sometimes provide a useful 3-D model for a protein that is related to at least one known protein structure. Comparative modeling predicts the 3-D structure of a given protein sequence (target) based primarily on its… CONTINUE READING
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