Comparative prospective randomized open label trial of synbiotic (bifilac) as an add on therapy with standard treatment in patients with aphthous ulcer

  title={Comparative prospective randomized open label trial of synbiotic (bifilac) as an add on therapy with standard treatment in patients with aphthous ulcer},
  author={Ganapathy Sasikala and Malar Sivaraman and Trayambak Dutta and Karukkupalayam Ramasamy Dhanasekar},
  journal={International journal of basic and clinical pharmacology},
Synbiotic are the products that contain both probiotic and prebiotic. The term probiotic was introduced in 1965 by Lilly and Stillwell. In contrast to antibiotics probiotic are defined as microbial derived factors that stimulate growth of other useful organisms. Normal microbial flora is disturbed in infectious conditions like aphthous ulcer. Probiotics produce organic acids, bacteriocins and peptide. Thereby they reduce the risk of colonization by pathogenic microorganisms. Prebiotic is a non… 
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Probiotics are used in the treatment and management of RAS as an adjuvant therapy and saw a substantial drop in all of the metrics in just four days.


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