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Comparative pressure calculations using different codes

  title={Comparative pressure calculations using different codes},
  author={H. Wilms and J. Rotter and J. Tomas},
A Review of Numerical Prediction Methods for Silo Wall Pressures
A survey of the numerical methods used and some recent studies of the pressure distributions in silos is presented and Comparisons with existing theories are made. Expand
Statistical inference of unsymmetrical silo pressures from comprehensive wall strain measurements
Abstract A thin cylindrical shell structure which is subjected to local or unsymmetrical loading often displays a very complex pattern of response, involving multiple alternative potential failureExpand
A rigorous statistical technique for inferring circular silo wall pressures from wall strain measurements
The pressures exerted by particulate solids on circular silo walls are often measured using pressure cells mounted in the silo wall. Recent research has shown that the patterns of pressure are oftenExpand