Comparative photorespiration in Amaranthus, soybean and corn

  title={Comparative photorespiration in Amaranthus, soybean and corn},
  author={William A. Laing and B. J. Forde},
A tracer technique was used to measure photorespiration in Amaranthus lividus, soybean and corn. Under a light intensity of 40 Wm-2 (400–700 nm) efflux of tracer carbon dioxide from Amaranthus into air was comparable to that from soybean over a 30-min period and 10 times that from corn. Initial rates of efflux of tracer into air from Amaranthus were higher than from soybean and 9 times that from corn. Efflux of CO2 from Amaranthus over 30 min in 120 Wm-2 was only 5 times that of corn and the… CONTINUE READING