Comparative pharmacokinetic disposition of closantel in sheep and goats.

  title={Comparative pharmacokinetic disposition of closantel in sheep and goats.},
  author={Desmond R Hennessy and Nicholas C. Sangster and Joanna Steel and Gail H. Collins},
  journal={Journal of veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics},
  volume={16 3},
The pharmacokinetic disposition of closantel was examined following intraruminal (i.r.) or intramuscular (i.m.) administration to adult Merino sheep and to adult and 3-month-old, suckling Angora goats. In adult goats the maximum concentration (Cmax) and area under the plasma concentration with time curve (AUC) following 3.75, 7.5 and 15.0 mg closantel/kg given i.r. increased with dose however the time of Cmax (Tmax = 2.6d) in plasma was unaffected by dose rate. The elimination phase (K10) of… CONTINUE READING

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