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Comparative perception and knowledge of smallholder farmers on climate change and variation ; case of kaka ( a ) and Bulu ( b ) tribes in Eastern Meyomessala sub-division of Cameroon

  title={Comparative perception and knowledge of smallholder farmers on climate change and variation ; case of kaka ( a ) and Bulu ( b ) tribes in Eastern Meyomessala sub-division of Cameroon},
  author={Ngo Ngwe and J Fomekong},
Agriculture is one of the main sources of livelihoods for vulnerable poor smallholders.1,2 Smallholders’ continue to face more challenges that impede agricultural productivity. Such challenges include poor infrastructure, poverty, poor policies and poor governance.3 Climate change is recently acknowledged as a major challenge to agriculture.3 Climate change causes negative impacts on agriculture, destabilizing smallholders’ livelihoods.4,5 Although, smallholders have been adapting their… 
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In Cameroon, climate variability largely controls agriculture related livelihood strategies This variability enhances environmental threats including deforestation, water scarcity and land


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