Comparative morphology of the pollical distal phalanx.

  title={Comparative morphology of the pollical distal phalanx.},
  author={Marvin M Shrewsbury and Mary W. Marzke and Ronald L. Linscheid and Sandra P Reece},
  journal={American journal of physical anthropology},
  volume={121 1},
Functional analysis of human pollical distal phalangeal (PDP) morphology is undertaken to establish a basis for the assessment of fossil hominid PDP morphology. Features that contribute to the effectiveness of grips involving the distal thumb and finger pulp areas include: 1) distal thumb interphalangeal joint morphology, facilitating PDP conjunct pronation with flexion; 2) differentiation of a proximal, mobile pulp region from a distal, stable pulp region, providing for firm precision pinch… CONTINUE READING


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